About Smartsim

What do we provide?

We offer a Prepaid global data SIM card, so that you can access the Internet wherever you go, at affordable data roaming rates. Staying connected when abroad is notoriously expensive and difficult; data roaming with your home SIM is extortionate, as well as the inconvenient search for WiFi hotspots, discourage a lot of people from using the Internet in a foreign country. This is all about to change with Smartsim.

The team at Smartsim is dedicated to minimise the costs of data roaming while travelling outside of our home country. We offer an affordable product that is easy to attain, and will give you the ability to manage your data roaming spend wherever you are.

How it works:

  • Choose from one of our three zones (Europe, Business Traveller or Globetrotter)
  • Buy a pre-paid data bundle from 100MB to 3GB in your zone
  • The bundle lasts for 30 days, and can be bought again or upgraded at any time
  • Your benefits:

    • Complete control over your spend
    • Check your usage in our real-time portal
    • Fully prepaid Internet access
    • Global 3G Internet from only R1.40/MB
    • Add more data instantly
    • Set auto-reloads so that you are never without data
    • Set up e-mail usage notifications
    • Pre-load bundles to start at a future date
    • Pay by credit/debit card or paypal

    Get your Smartsim SIM card now for affordable data rates.